Pinpoint soreness, left ankle. Worse than yesterday as expected but timed nicely with a planned easy week. Out with the team for a vanilla Barangaroo out and back. There’s the faster (younger) group at 4:30s, then the slower (not younger) pack at 4:50s. I felt 60 yrs old in the first km hence self-seeded myself with the later group and even threw in a limp to keep it real.

Hobbling along in the humidity was Conway, Enda, Sammy, Craig, Brendan and even Kanser. My bright orange 2xu long-sleeve top was not well received by the group. Fashion fail. On the flip side, ankle soreness disappeared after 5km. 101 rule is if it gets worse, stop. A small pick-up to 4:30s back around the Wharves by which time it felt easy. Happy run.

Cut the run at CQ to make 13km in 65 min.

Travelling down to Melbourne tomorrow so will miss the HuRTS set.

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