Pensioners with Strides

Pensioners with Strides

Another huge Monday crowd for the 12:30pm kick-off. Usual route took us down to Farm Cove before the group split. Even Barts turned up and was happy to boast an incredible 8:46 at the 3km track race (Saturday). He then confessed 10th place behind a bunch of school kids. Frightening talent

Slower group had Charlie, Conway, Renee, Nathan and Andrew MB. All happy to plod at 5 min/km.

Broke off at the entry to Barangaroo to circle back around Hickson wharves. Renee joined in and we later picked up Richard Woo. The two of them recounted an epic race at Striders on Saturday, where Renee dropped Wooey on the key ascent at 5km.

Coaxed Wooey into 8x120m strides along the Passanger Terminal. A great way to keep the legs alive. All up, 11km including the strides.

Circling back on last week’s mileage – 130km, arguably with three speed sets. Probably explains the flatness I’m feeling.

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