Perfect Autumn

Perfect Autumn

27 degrees in the back half of May? Main mass was down at Barangaroo for 4x1km then 5x500m reps. Why you would do that 48 hrs after SMH is anyone’s guess.

So I started at the Pillars, sunbaked for 5 min alongside CT, Walker, Champ, Smolly, Jeet and a few others. Headed for the usual water-recovery route all the way down to Barangaroo. Jeet entertained me with an overly detailed run-down of his 78 min on Sunday and 20s lost to a shoe-lace. All I can think of is teaching him how to double knot…

Said the goodbyes at the tunnels, before rejoining the end of HuRTS as the likes of Tommy, Timmy, Nick Roberts warmed down back along Hickson. Happy to drop off at CQ as the watch neared 60 min. Tommy H is eye-balling a 2H sub-2:30 marathon, though I feel he can do one much earlier.

12.2km at 5:00s. General soreness but I expect to improve in coming days.

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