Over to the West Coast for 3 days.


An easy 7km from Mounts Bay Rd tracking the water via the CBD and return. Felt as good as you can after the dreaded 5 hours flight on a cramped seat. I was seated right next to an obese elderly lady who could not operate the iPad.


Did the CW Swan River bridges loop after a failed attempt to sleep. I was out there at 5am, which is late considering Perth is 3 hours behind. Threw in 10x100m strides to close out a nice 55 min run. At the time I felt just fine.

By lunch, I knew something was wrong as I was nauseous, and running to the bathroom every 30 min at the conference. So by 5pm I was lying in bed, unable to keep food down and feeling sorry for myself, being by myself. A broken sleep to 5am (Wednesday). Bloody gastro.

Lorie and Trinity has had the same issues this week, so I suspect it’s a household issue.

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