So I have been recommended by everyone who has to deal with me on a day to day basis, to see a physio. So far I have been resisting, because:

– they are expensive and will have you back every week
– maybe I can massage myself into full health
– I’m not that ‘in’ to running right now

After another sore few days including a missed long-run on Sunday, I’ll see one.

Sunday – 7k run into the CBD with Fletch and a gimpy Irish bloke called Eamon. Went around Blackwattle Bay at a super early time of 6am. Found the 5:30s pace too slow to be honest. Broke off at Wentworth Park, ran up to ITAC for some laps. Luckily I had snuck in goggles just for this very purpose.

Eased my way into freestyle and stayed at 60s per lap. 1.5k all up.

Stumbled my way outside once again. The hip gets so sore after swimming so after 50m, I was able to jog again. Chose to run back through Glebe for another 4.5k.

Monday – standard out and back around Pyrmont wharves with Sammy T. This is 10k from Bungalow 8, which itself is 2k from my office. For some reason I hit 14k in total which means I meandered and detoured in an unexplained way. I find running over 10k is a little difficult.

Interesting topic was nasty daughters with an attitude. Trinity has hit the Terrible Twos and proved that label true.

And now I come home to a 5 month old El with earrings?

This is Trinity around the same age…with earrings..

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