Armed with the knowledge of a lunch meeting, I attempted to make the 5:55am start with the Running Science crew. Miserable fail as it is too early. Found them near Timbrell Park by running CW, meaning just 3km with company. Chatted with Belinda and Neil whilst struggling to hold the 4:50s pace. Not sure why my legs are so tired? Completed the half circuit before heading over Anzac and into work. A nice 60 min run in what seems to be a Spring morning.

Then I ran home after work, long way via Pyrmont and Blackwattle. Very peaceful way to finish off a long day at the office. Stomach playing up.

20km for the day.


Quad soreness has largely passed, though I still feel really flat. The typical feeling I get post a mara (despite not having run one in 3 weeks). It seems Neil is in the same boat. Ran down to the Canal and joined Neil for 80 min plodding. His route was Blackwattle-Anzac (6km), then Bay Run.

Felt 5/10 for 5km, 6/10 for the next 5 and back to 5/10 for the last 10. At least the discussions re all things running related kept the mind occupied. Lovely morning to do 20km at 4:58s. If you ask me what it ‘felt like’, I would say 4:15s.

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