Point Piper

Point Piper

I seem to be joined at the hip with Champ as we had similar aspirations to skip 800s and head East. Started out from the Pillars with the AMP boys – who by the way confessed they were off to Vaucluse for a 22k run. I asked ‘do you guys have a job‘? Anyway, apparently it’s a relaxed culture.

Champ and I went the long way around Garden Island, down to Rushcutters where JFen was eagerly awaiting the rest of the HuRTS crew. Ventured out to Rushcutter’s Point then round the back and up past Redleaf. From there, a loop around Point Piper where every single house is $10m plus.

Must have been dehydrated from salivating over nice property, as the return leg was tough. Picked up Lambert on the way, and even saw Barts heading outbound near Edgecliff station. Tackled the dreaded Kings Cross hill then up William St to complete a really tough run.

16km all up at 4:52s. Another great set of hills.

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