With Pokemon Go going viral, Lorie has hypothesised that given my travels (on foot), I’d do very well at this game. Unfortunately, my phone sucks and I don’t like stopping whilst I run. If I acquire an iPhone 7 and become obese, then Pokemon is a Go.

Last night I fixed the bike (flat) and this allowed me to get back on the saddle after a few weeks break. So it was just a single run today as I ride to work. Met YC, Renee, Frenchman, Brendan, Kev and quite a few others for a lazy Monday wharves. The OH was fenced off and around the Toaster Building, there were hundreds of loitering kids on their phones. I think they found a Pokestop or some rare Pokemon. What the hell?

On we went and by Barangaroo, we were at 4:30s and this was getting faster. I was dropped near Passenger Terminal and thus that was my excuse to ease back for a final loop up Macquarie

13.5km at 4:45s. The easiest day I’ve done in a long time!

Tomorrow I have back to back meetings. No speed.

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