Morning – was out the door at 5:45am – super early. Given it is so quiet this week, it didn’t make sense to start work at 6:10 (normally the door to door time is 25 min). Headed over to Ian Thorpe Pool for some sneaky laps. Relative to ABC, the experience swimming indoors seems to make time move slower. Personal opinion. Nevertheless, I did 1.5k in 31 min and felt better for it.

Lunch – another attempt to drag Wooey out for a 60 min jog after he was KO’ed on Monday. This was an out and back to Barangaroo Doors from CQ. He performed marginally better today and thus did not require rests every 2k.

With no ships docked at the OPT, I finished up with 10x30s run-throughs. 11k all up.

I love noticing incremental developments in newborns. For example, El’s has learnt how to smile this week. Maybe she needs to teach me?

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