Poor man speedwork

Poor man speedwork

Turned down Timmy Lindop’s kind offer to take over the HuRTS 20 min hills + 5k tempo near the Gallery. It’s named ‘Timmy’s hills’, not ‘Hoey’s hills’ for a reason.

The real reason is I’m low on motivation, due for a massage and struggling to hold 120km plus pw with strength training.

Reverted to a run date with Erika out to Barangaroo and return. It’s so obvious she is on a rapid path of improvement. Now at 100km pw, 6FT under the belt, a recent 10km PB she’ll smash her next half and full. Good to see Paul H, Yum Cha and a few others hammering the 400s in silence.

40 min was up on the return to CQ, where I felt the time was right for strides. Jogged over to Farm Cove, then 10x140m at hard-but-controlled effort on the grass. Nasty challenge dodging tourists, school kids and unpredictable pedestrians.

Call it lazy or genius, but my lazy-person speed session is exactly what I did today…

 10km easy, up to 10 strides at 80% effort, then 1km c/d. 13km all up.

A nice change easing off the junk for once (on the bike to and from work). Tomorrow, maybe 10-12km easy. Getting bored of the wharves. I’m also considering pacing Striders on Saturday, 35 minutes…


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