Poor Molly

Poor Molly

Carbon copy of Saturday, but in reverse. I’ve got the week off, providing ample opportunity to explore the Inner West with the dog. Being a Cavoodle, light weight and good endurance, she has potential.

Another sticky morning with Molly in tow. She’s completed 18km on Sat and a 5km easy one yesterday afternoon.

Today was 18km in 92 min, at 5:05 min/km.

Most encouragingly, closing splits were the strongest at 4:45s. To be fair, being on the leash means NO choice.

Fantastic updates from the weekend, with Melbourne the big event. Hats off to:

– Lewis, in amazing shape for a sub 70 half but undone by a lackluster taper and toilet stop
– Mara PBs to Ronnie Biggsy (3:01), Erika (2:57) and half PB to in-form Mike Gleeson (sub-90)

Trusted sources also suggest Bruce Lambert cleaned up at the Sri Chimnoy half marathon, 3 laps of the Bay Run in a tidy 79 min.

Looking forward to a steady week of running/swimming and nappy changing. 8x800s with Timmy and Birchy at McKay Oval tomorrow.

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