Post Half Afterthoughts

Post Half Afterthoughts

Braced myself for the standard post race niggles and certainly was not disappointed.

6km into work actually feeling OK. As I crossed Pyrmont Bridge, the funny pains in the feet started to creep in. At least the pace was ridiculously slow.

Back out at lunch where a surprisingly large contingent rolled in for some post-SMH banter. Usual course down to the wharves. Good to get updates from some of the more understated members such as Frenchman’s 77 flat and JO’Cs hatred of hills.

Pace was modest but I was happy to peel off before Barangaroo. This got me to 11km at 4:45s. Added to the morning, a tidy 17km for the day.

What now? I’ll be very cautious undertaking speed-work in the next X weeks (or months). Motivation to race has dropped off a cliff.

A few photos from yesterday below.




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