Pram #2 Cooks River

Pram #2 Cooks River

Pram #2 Cooks River

Friday – Wharves

HuRTS on a Friday is always fairly predictable. Out on my own for 15 min through Botanic Gardens before linking up with a small bunch that included Charlie, Jac, Craig, Enda, and Ray. A few of them had run the Knapsack on Australia Day so obviously we had to be respectful.

Made it out to Barangaroo by which time a few had dropped even at 4:40s. Enda is in the best shape I have ever seen and in my view is on track for a sub 2:40 in Tokyo. I covered 15k and felt generally pretty flattish.

Saturday – Cooks River

Saturday is always a ‘do as I like day’ which may mean rest, swim, jog, or something else. Landed on part #2 with the pram, loaded with Trinity of course.

This time we headed south. Had to stop quite a few times due to mechanical issues. For one, I sense one wheel is rubbing thereby making the whole experience slower and harder. Secondly, I’ve probably failed to secure one of the back wheels as it kept steering to the right.

This meant any incline I was in the hurt locker. We hit Cooks River, tracked SW to Tempe before meandering our way through Marrickville and Newton. From there, I called Lorie and arranged an ’emergency breakfast’ at Revolver. Basically I was tired, thirsty and could only think of smoked salmon & poached eggs.

22k in 2:00. A step up from Pram Run #1 on Wednesday which was 18k. I was pretty buggered arriving at the cafe. Trinity once again proved bulletproof in terms of ability to sit still, talk to herself and munch in biscuits. Win.

The special was Potato Rosti with Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon and Beetroot Relish.

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