Centennial, Ian Thorpe and Long Weekend Pram Run

Centennial, Ian Thorpe and Long Weekend Pram Run

Centennial, Ian Thorpe and Long Weekend Pram Run

Thursday – Centennial

Started at the Pillars with HuRTS who were then to undertake the hills session. That was never going to happen (for me at least with my suspect ITB). The first 2k were horrible on my right side. The hip is pulled upwards leaving me sinking into my right foot on each stride. In turn, the right foot gets a uncomfortable pain.

Anyway, the decision was to head to Centennial. Champ’s got his own demons (aka legs after a squad session) and so we ran a CCW loop of the park at 4:40s. Made the decision to exit at Paddington Gates providing a nice and easy cruise back down Oxford Street. 15k. Couldn’t have done much more.

Friday – Ian Thorpe

Round #2 at IT Pool. Locked in a well overdue date with Laura James (LJ) who over the last few months (or years) has battled more injuries than I can count. That does not seem to dampen her spirit nor her appetite for some sort of cross-training.

Jogged through the crowds at Darling Harbour and straight to the pool. With the HuRTS Swim Squad undertaking 1k TT at ABC, I figured I’d do the same (plus another 500m). Settled nicely into the lane and was moving way better than Monday (where I did 31 min for 1.5k).

The splits were 1k in 18:15 and 1.5k in 28:00.

Another 2.2k jog back with LJ into the CBD to finish up. Amazing weather, great chat and an improved ITB situation.

Saturday – Pram Long Run

This was accidental. One of those situations where a 10k turns into 15k, which morphs into 20k. Once you hit that point, why not add another 10k and get the LR done for the long weekend?

Random course largely dictated by pram friendly paths. Started around Leichhardt streets, into Broadway then back down to Blackwattle Bay. Decided at around 10k to head over to Barangaroo via Pyrmont wharves. It was horribly windy meaning anytime I turned west, the resistance increased exponentially. The worst bit is the corkscrew up Anzac Bridge heading home. This meant my arms suffered more so than my legs.

Got back around 9am. Very tired but proud to have contained Trinity in a pram for 2 hours 30 minutes. See below her state after such an episode.

The funny thing was seeing wobble around like a drunkard and fall over 6 times upon disembarking. I gather it is not good for bloody flow being constrained in the seat. Whether she survives a marathon only time will tell..

31k all up at 4:36 min/k average pace.

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