Pram Run – Centennial

Pram Run – Centennial

Pram Run – Centennial

Centennial long run, this time with the pram. Dragged Trinity out of bed at 6am and just as I was leaving, Lorie said:

by the way, she hasn’t done a [number two] in 24 hours

I freaked out but thought why not play with fate. Legs felt better today – including the hip.

First few K were 5:20s, heading through USYD and Redfern. Crossed into Moore Park area where I found the 6:30am bunch. Jack, Enda, Nick, Marko and Luca for the first loop. Made it back to the Kiosk, picking up a few more (who later dropped off). It seems the Bugaboo is OK on the grass, but after a few potholes and puddles I gave up and ran the path of CP. This meant I lost touch with the crew who then decided on the alternate Queen’s Park Loop.

Followed them around Alison Rd, some 50m behind, made my way up QP. Up the hill, then left towards Bondi / Waverley area. Around 20k at that point so another 10k to go. That last 10k was a combination of:

– zig zag around Bondi Junction Westfield
– Allianz Stadium and Fox Studios
– Another Centennial Loop

No signs of distress from the little one the whole way. I’m obviously very happy about this. Hit 30k with no issues, exited CP and ran the last 3k out to Redfern to meet the girls for breakfast.

34k at 4:40s. A record with the pram.

For breakfast I had pork loin on brioche with a poached egg… it felt like a dinner dish to be honest.

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