Pram Run with Rolo

Pram Run with Rolo

Decided to head down to LPAC on Sunday afternoon to loosen the hips via some easy freestyle. What I noticed is massive tightness in the hip flexors for 5 min. This went away after a good 10 min which was all that was needed.

Today was just a standard recovery day, with a twist Met Chris Strom and Mark Ashworth at IMAX and ran the Pyrmont wharves. Interestingly Stromy brought his son Rolo along in the pram which was impressive.

I kindly offered to push Rolo for ‘a few K’ which turned out to be 9k out to Jackson’s Landing and back. Imagine my surprise how easy his pram was despite Rolo being 2x heavier than Trinity. We held 4:30s and I barely noticed the extra resistance! This tells me that (i) my overpriced pram is crap, and (ii) I need to get it serviced – wheels realigned, break pads replaced, suspension checked. What a startling revelation as I’ve been suffering big time every time I bring Trinity for a run.

I reluctantly handed Rolo back to his dad and crossed back into the CBD.

14k all up.


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