Friday – another simple 60 min filled by a run around Farm Cove. Met Sam at the squashed car on Hickson, turned towards CQ and made our way over to Garden Island. Didn’t feel like I was able to survive beyond 12k so I was happy to cut back through Domain. ITB again.

Saturday – a lunch run, which is a strange one on the weekend (at least for me). Trinity was out of control in the house so that was the main driver over getting outside despite earlier telling myself I was not run today. Took out the Bugaboo, heading down to Tramsheds area. Ran up through to Glebe, USYD and after a few random loops inside the grounds I headed back through Fish Markets and ANZAC. 14.3k all up. The first 4k was difficult, then the right leg warmed up a little.

The intention is to cross train, stretch, massage and self-treat this injury until I’m back to normal.

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