Initially just Charlie and I. We picked up Tym at Barangaroo Gates, followed by Anthony some 300m later. The perfect weather for a Friday recovery run!

Seems Charlie felt the 5:00s pace was too intense and perhaps it was rude of me to half step in front of him the whole time. The two others dropped off at various stages – Tym first, then Anthony later. The real positive today was success dragging Charlie the whole Pyrmont to Jackson’s Landing route. Saw a few others on course including Sam J, Hipster Chris and even Crossy.

This meant we covered a solid 14.5k in 70 min. My hammy has tightened again which is very annoying. The plan is easy Bay Run Saturday, LR Sunday and get the body right for the Sydney 10 the following weekend.

Good luck to Luca and the HuRTS team who are completing the 24 hour treadmill challenge over the weekend!


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