Monday – Pyrmont

Standard recovery run with Erika. She likes her early starts so it was game on at noon. Ran the wharves, meeting Elle at Barangaroo after 4k. Then over to CQ where we dodged the crowds before moving onto the Pyrmont Wharves. Interestingly we picked up a stray Toby and completed the circuit out to JL.

Pretty relaxed way to spend 65 min particularly with Elle really slowing down now at 25 weeks pregnant! There were some bits where I was almost walking! Covered just shy of 14k.

Tuesday – Blackwattle

Lorie was up from 2am complaining of pain. This put me on notice and also meant I had to be around for drop-off for Trinity. Normally I’m long gone by 7am but not today. I figured ‘who knows when I’ll get to run next’.

Grabbed Molly for an easy 60 min around Blackwattle Bay, half of Pyrmont and back around Anzac Bridge. 12k all up before the aforementioned drop-off duties. Took this photo of Lorie and Trinity.

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