The bait was Andy Cross asking ‘just to run 1 hour’, which in my mind meant 60 min at 5:00s. The hip, ITB and hammy are giving me so much grief that I had no choice but to ‘rest’. Met Crossy, Champ, Branagan Brothers and lo and behold, Renaud at the Pillars – each of us electing to bypass the 400s + 3km tempo.

The issue is obvious. Crossy nor the brothers can’t run slow and with Renaud basically having tapered for 6 months, I was spat out within 500m. Luckily, so was Champ. For the fourth time this week, I ran the wharves. We did pass the team down at Barangaroo completing the 400s. The plan was to get to 15km, meaning an extra few K around Pyrmont. Overall, a nice filler-type of run with the frustrating bit returning back down George Street.

15km at 4:50s. I need to get my ITB sorted asap.

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