Back in Sydney, thank god, after a disastrous few days in Perth. Actually feeling OK in the AM and so I turned up to work. Took this one step further, in a bid to be employee of the month, by acting as Charlie’s guide and wind-block on what should have been a relaxed 8-10km jog.

The few K was nice around the quiet wharves, but once you hit Barangaroo the horrible SWesterly kicks in. We opted to head down to Darling Harbour and complete the run after one loop of the peers (the one before Fairfax). It’s around the 7km where I needed to rush back. Legs OK, but my stomach was acting as if I’d just eaten a garlic & chili kebab from a suspect Lebanese street vendor in Kings Cross. Nasty cramps rippling across my insides. What is going on? Got back in one piece just over 9km. 75% nice, 25% not so nice.

I’d like to swim tomorrow, weather permitting.

Melbourne is less than three days away, fingers cross all will be OK.

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