The perfect recovery run. Met Erika for the usual wharves to Pyrmont route which is now the Monday norm. We subsequently picked up Scott and Elle who both were loitering around the Barangaroo area. Pace was super easy which suited me just fine. Ran past LJ and Sonya at Darling Harbour both of whom were clutching goggles.

After hugging the Pyrmont wharves, we got to the end at Jackson’s Landing then headed back into the CBD. Much of this part was Erika fretting over the wellbeing of Elle (in the heat). I used the time to get a download from Scotty on how to run (and race) at sub 3:20s pace. It sounds hard.

Had knocked out a handy 13.5k in 62 min and lost maybe 2L of body fluid due to extreme heat.

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