My god that massage on Saturday did the trick. Despite a solid MLR + 15 min tempo yesterday, I rolled out of bed feeling pretty darn fresh. No signs of the PF issues that have plagued me for 4 weeks.

Knocked out 30 min body weight / kettlebells in the morning, before a slow jog into work. Everything working fine! So at lunch I did the usual wharves + Pyrmont circuit with Erika and Elle. Felt good at the start, and even better at the end.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of today’s run was talk on the less glamorous aspects to pregnancy. Things like stretch marks, bloating and even worse, deteriorating running times. Not much to say from my perspective aside from how hard it is for the guy to deal with a wife in Trimester 3 and be present in the delivery room…

Just kidding.

Covered about 14k at a touch under 5:00s.

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