Pyrmont Recovery

Pyrmont Recovery

AM: Another HIIT working in the AM. More burpees and ad-hoc kettlebell exercises over a tough little 15 min session. Why I do this I do not know… Then I jogged to work as the c/d via Glebe Pt Road. 6km all up.

Lunch: I just knew the corp cup traffic would mean MMC and Farm Cove is off-limits. Headed out with Charlie D for a true recovery run. Looks like the boss is back on the horse which pleases me greatly.

Started at Hickson wharves, then over to Pyrmont in a continuation of water views. The final point was Jacksons Landing before a 400m surge across Pyrmont Bridge. It’s the sort of run I love. You feel better at the end.

13km at 5:00s and 19km for the day.

Tomorrow, more easy stuff which I’ll probably extrapolate to Saturday.

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