Pyrmont Strides

Pyrmont Strides

Pyrmont Strides

Monday – Wharves with Erika

30 min cross-training in the morning.

Lunch – the following is turning into a routine – I jog alongside Erika whilst she stares at her watch every few hundred metres, subsequently calling out the splits. It is a big deal if the splits don’t reconcile to perceived effort. This played out on the usual course out to Barangaroo. The out and back was meticulously planned such that E would arrive at the NAB building at 10k.

Re-connected with HuRTS as I wanted to get to the ‘teens’. Had a brief chat with Timmy, Eoin and Yum Cha before calling it a day and breaking off near the boom gate. Pretty good banter today with many gearing up for either GC or Harbour 10k in the next two weeks. I’d say my legs felt better by the end.

13k all up.

Tuesday – Pyrmont Strides

Wanted to do the hills session, but the sleep deprivation is impacting all aspects of my day, running included. The alternative was Barangaroo 800m intervals. Couldn’t even bring myself to do that despite seeing a small crowd massing near the meeting point.

Jogged over to meet Sam, for an out and back to JL in Pyrmont. This was a good decision in the end, because I convinced him to finish up with 10x30s run-throughs. I love doing this as a way to keep the sharpness without putting me into fatigue the next day. Run summary was 12k easy, the run-throughs, and 2k warm-down.

17k all up. 

Here is Elora at 3 weeks.

And Rini at 20 months.

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