Quality Sessions

Quality Sessions

Quality Sessions

Friday – 6x1ks

Put in a solid 30 min cross-training in the morning, not knowing whether I would have a chance to run at lunch. Must say I hate lunch time meetings – these things should be banned. In the end I found a 45 min window before the 12:45 which allowed me to double up for the day.

Jogged around the wharves over to Barangaroo Gates for a 3k w/u, then decided to do my first speed session maybe in 3 months. Gate to 200m from the south-side green door gives a good 1k rep. Out and back with a 300m jog in between, 6 reps. Running N-S turned into the much tougher leg due to a stiff south westerly. This was mainly an issue on the first 400m of  #1,3,5.

Got it done on my own, never really felt in control aside from the downwind sections. Splits were: 3:25, 3:25, 3:27, 3:23, 3:25, 3:20

A jog back to the office got me to 11k and ready for that meeting.

Saturday – Pram Run

The intention is to get to 20ks with the pram every Saturday. I’ve largely been successful aside from C2S the other week. Strapped in Trinity at 7am and set out down the Cooks River. Chatted to a uni student who was very impressed with my pram (strangely a guy). That was really the only interesting part of the run. Nice river views as shown below.

To be honest I told Lorie to meet us at Redfern at 8:45. I rolled in at 9:15 having completely lost my bearings at the end of the river near Tempe. In my mind I was 4k from Redfern. The reality was more like 7k.

What’s my current thinking on the Bugaboo Runner? I love it. No issues with long distances and in fact I’ve rammed the thing not-so-gently into a few curbs and concrete objects. It seems OK suggesting good durability.

Trinity had a blast of a time. 25k all up in 2 hours.

Sunday – Long Run

Couldn’t decide if yesterday’s pram run counted as a long run? I decided it didn’t as long runs need to be a minimum 30k. Met Tym, Nick and Matt at 6am near Rozelle and we all headed over to Barangaroo via Blackwattle Bay. Pace felt a little too intense though as time progressed, the legs warmed up nicely.

Saw LJ over on Hickson Road – a very random sighting indeed – and later Amanda on the back side of Pyrmont. We headed back over to the Bay Run and from there I joined Nick in a 7k tempo lap to see out the run. It was his idea and I felt the ask (ie 4:00s) was not insurmountable.

On that lap, the splits were 0-4k at 3:50s, then slowly winding up to 3:40s. Dropped Nick about half way as it was obviously too quick for the poor bloke. A jog back home from KG oval got me to the desired distance.

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