Race Fatigue? Not so

Race Fatigue? Not so

I had full expectations my legs would be shredded by Wednesday’s race. Not so. In fact, not in the slightest. At worst, a tight right hip.

Thus two days good mileage.

Thursday – Rushcutters 6x1km

An easy 6km jog to work via Anzac Bridge. Feeling fine just 12 hours after JPM. 
Thus at lunch, I had the confidence to head down to Rushcutter’s Oval. Session said 8x1km but no one had any intention to actually do it. In fact, chatting to a small group (Rennee, Crossy, Darren Moyle, Frenchman and Heyden) – consensus was this should be a social run.
With the usual lead personalities still absent, it fell to Crossy and I to time / lead the cycles off 100 rest. An alarming point was I felt fine over the 6 reps. Every set next to Crossy and Darren, the two I had battled just 18 hours earlier at JPM. 
Pace was progressive: 3:30s, 3:20, 3:12, 3:10, 3:10, 3:05
Thanks to the Frenchman for dragging me through #6 at a pre-set pace. 
In between each set I chose a 3/4 loop (300m) at easy float pace, rather than standing still. It’s the only way to go. 
With a further jog home, total daily km 6+11+6 = 23km. So much for post-race fatigue.
Friday – Wharves
Another 6km into work. Pre-cursor to a hearty feed at Bowery Lane with Conway. The way to kick off Friday is some prosciutto, mushrooms, poached eggs and salmon.

Lunch involved a chance encounter with FJen down to Barangaroo. Turns out the course was essentially the reverse HuRTS recovery, with a finish at cnr Bent and Macquarie. Circling back we picked up Erika and detoured around the Hickson Wharves. 

Despite JFen banking an overdue PB at JPM 18:14, he has the talent to scalp the likes of Crossy and I in the short-game. Next time, more aggression and it will be sub-18.
Erika gave me her run-down of a very impressive effort at JPM. 4th place female, 3s PB and most importantly, near exhaustion at the finish.  
13km for the lunch, making 19km for the day. 
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