Racing Bets Declined

Racing Bets Declined

Nice and easy run with the HuRTS crew around Farm Cove and Hickson Wharves. Pack quickly split in 2 with the rabbits at 4:20s and the pensioners at 4:40s. Felt ordinary and thus joined the back chatting with Timmy, Enda, Jackie O and Andy.

Decided I need to up my motivation this year and what better way than put some money to work. Offered Enda, who I think is a ‘safe‘ 34:30 10km runner, a 90s head-start at the first Striders race in two weeks. Separately, I’ve given Timmy L a massive 4:00 head start. Timmy is in low 37s with upside. Both declined despite my assurances I’m in 34 min flat shape.

Run-wise, very humid but happy to bank an easy 12km.

On the niggle front, battling a few lingering pains in the foot. Not surprised and doubt it’s worth worrying about. Bay Run tomorrow is the plan!

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