Still treading relatively easy with things neither better nor worse. It’s been busy at work so I’m pretty relaxed about this standstill in my fitness.


So the plan was to link up with HuRTS around Farm Cove as I started our late. Saw Worswick and the Baranagan brothers charging along with poor Pete and Jac towed along. This was enough of a turn off for me as I can’t stand that sort of pace.

Stopped at the OH gates and warmed the legs up with 6x30s run throughs on the grass. Strangely my foot felt ok by which time Yum Cha turned up and pleaded for company. His set was gate to gates, effectively 6×3 min reps with 60s standing rest.

With some initial reluctance, I helped him out and even ran alongside on the grass. Progressed myself to HM pace, adding a 60s float in between.

In the end I was suitably impressed getting the whole set done. 2k warm down left me with a tidy 13k at lunch.


Cracking day. Had a late lunch meeting so the only window possible was 60 min. Jogged over the ABC noticing soreness in the foot. 

Jumped into the Fast Lane and flopped my way to 1.6k in 30 flat. I feel the stoke was fairly smooth today. Had a quick chat to Sam Towill before jogging back to work.

It’s funny with swimming in that I dread the thought of it, but actually do enjoy the activity itself as well as the muscular benefit.

Will do another easy one tomorrow and see where I am at pain wise.

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