The good news is I’m no longer a slave to all night long coughing.

Friday – Opera House

The plan was the cycle to work, giving myself a special Friday rest. Hit some glass 1K from the house (towards Para Rd), got a flat and headed back in shame. The plan B was jogging 6km. What a miserable run in pouring rain…

Then at lunch, a super short run. Started at CQ heading around Farm Cove. Caught a few of the HuRTS team that included Kev, Brendan and four others I don’t know. Followed them around to the Hyatt where Brendan and I cut it short. We picked up Sonya, turned under the Bridge then picked up the bibs for the Harbour:10.

Happy to keep this short as my legs felt a little flattish. In fact, when I looked at the watch, I’d clocked just 8km. Had to defend myself to a work colleague who knows I don’t get out of bed for runs <10km.

Saturday – Bay Run

30 minutes of body weight activity. A time-based record. I think I recall a mix of modified push-ups, dips, KB swings and my pet love of Turkish Get-Ups. It’s really a blur but as long as the arms are sore I think that’s a positive.

Closed off the morning set with a clockwise loop of the Bay Run basically putting high knees and heel kicks every 500m. Must have looked like a fool to the observer.

Nice and easy, 11km all up after a detour up and down Norton Street.

Good to have Trinity back home after she stayed with the in-laws.


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