Aside from some rubbery quads I’ve bounced back pretty quickly from Sunday. Here’s a run-down of the last few days.

Saturday – 5k with 10x100m run-throughs. This was before a 1.5k swim at LPAC (subsequently followed by swimming lessons with Trinity).

Sunday – SMH Half marathon as detailed in my race report. 30k for the day and maybe 120k for the week. I didn’t really taper much for this event to be honest.

Monday – legs sore, but completely capable of a normal Monday. Took the bike into work, then joined HuRTS at lunch for an easy 12k. Very few of the guys that came had run on Sunday. Mainly ran with Brendan Wong, Brendan Fehon and Steve. Then I ran home to get to 19k.

Tuesday – HuRTS broken miles. Couldn’t bring myself to run faster than 4:20s. This meant I was running back and forth between OPT and Barangaroo whilst maybe 25 others actually did the set. 1k on, 300 off, 300 on sounds interesting (x5). Had a good catch up with Eoin, Quentin, Erika and Barts during various bits of the 60 min I was out there.

Doubled again by running home with Nick Roberts. The update with Nick is has torn his calf (hence no racing). And yet I saw on his Strava he did 29k yesterday (Monday) and backed it up today. How’s that for commitment not to mention flexible working hours…

Wednesday – 30 min cross-training in the morning. Lunch was a bit of a wildcard run out to CP. Met with Brendan Wong (2nd time this week), picked up Jack and later Jeet as we went via the easy Oxford St way. Jeet was pretty stoked with his Sunday effort and I was happy to quietly listen to how his race unfolded. 13k all up.

By Friday I expect my legs will be back to normal.

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