Redeye Cure

Redeye Cure

Midnight flight which got me in the door after lunch. No sleep, which leaves you with really only one option…

Called out Jeet for an easy Bay Run early afternoon. He is off work so I knew the guy would a high probability albeit at no notice. It seems Sydney is in the midst of a heat wave. And yet, the 28 degrees felt just fine as unlike Malaysia, there’s no humidity.

Started at KG Oval, heading over the Iron Cove Bridge. Legs felt a little lethargic and I kept begging Jeet to slow the pace from 4:25s back to 4:40s. We sort of landed in between. Nothing wrong my with legs and no real niggles – but simply a case of low motivation, tired and a mandate to ‘enjoy running’.

Added the extra 3k, over and above the 7k loop, using Timbrell Park and the Canal. Before I knew it, 10k was up and I was back at KG. A slow jog back home got me another 3k. Glad I got out there and equally good to see Jeet back on his feet after his solid 2:55 at Melbourne.

Tomorrow – Bay Run again, then Sunday – Centennial with HuRTS. Breakfast with the girls follow both occasions.


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