Two pretty good Summer type days to enjoy easy runs.

Tuesday– armed with the knowledge that the Smolly train would at 12:30pm for Redleaf, I figured making it back for a 1:30pm would be a tall ask. Instead, headed the usual way with goggles at 12:10pm. Sadly, I got there, did some calcs and realised there was no time for a swim. What a disaster, particularly as I descended the stairs at Redleaf and then turned back.

5.5km out, 5k back and not a single second in the magical waters.

Wednesday – a run around the flats of Pyrmont Wharves with Sam Towill. Got as far as Fish Markets, retraced the steps making good chat the whole way. 12km all up. Earlier that morning I did do my usual 30 min strength.

Where to from here?

– Redleaf or Cremorne type runs most days
– LR on the weekend with HuRTS
– swim / x-training 2 days per week

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