Started at the Stone Pillars with a decent sized HuRTS crew, seemingly irrationally set on a 45 progressive tempo in mid 30s temp.

A quick spot check of my right achilles? Not a pass. Joined Charlie, Liam, Champ, Smolly and Jono to Redleaf pool for a trip. Impossible to resist this ‘easy‘ direct run (5km one-way) over the tempo.

First time running with Smolly, who to my dismay looks at hills (or steps) like a fat kid on cake. Raced the big guy up Loftus St (a steep 300m incline) using only nose breathing. His rules… Yes I lost by 5m. First time I’ve been passed on a hill YTD.

Lovely dip at Redleaf involving some casual free, before heading back the same way. Picked up JFen at Rushcutters, who was doing his own  secret training. By the end, the leg was noticeably sore. Big regrets not just doing a lighter run + ABC.

9.8km all up in 55 min.

Will see a temp drop tomorrow. Uncertain what my lunch will involve.

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