It’s been a few weeks since I’ve visited Redleaf and I jumped at Sammy J’s highly exclusive offer. The causality was, once again the 1km TT. I think I’ve missed two in a row!

Shorter route round Garden Island, Rushcutters and Loftus. In the absence of Smolly, there was no racing the hills. My legs celebrated greatly.

Naturally, running with SJ means 80% listen, 20% respond all in the context of a 60 min lesson in parenting and MKR. That’s right, MKR. On the running front, he’s been cleaning up the school kids  at The Ponds Parkrun. Can’t imagine the field is as deep as Curl Curl and St Peters but at least he’s getting the speed back.

Redleaf itself was empty. One lap in fantastically warm water before heading back. Legs as always were customarily heavy leading to stair-walking.

Heading up the stairs to The Domain, we catch a glimpse of Timmy returning from the TT. Felt a little sheepish for skipping but let’s be honest, running > swimming.

10km all up. Lots of hills but all easy.

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