The Thursday fork in the road was (i) Timmy’s 20 min hills+ 5 km temp vs. (ii) Smolly-led Redleaf adventure.

With Charlie keen for the later, the choice was made. Started by jogging past the HuRTS team who were soon to face 20 minutes of suffering. Partly guilt driven, I made sure the push ahead on Loftus and later the little climb from Double Bay. Whilst Charlie complained about fresh legs offset by bad cardio, I was the reverse.

Legs slow to respond to the hills but eventually they accepted the challenge.

Joined Smolly and Coach Walker for a good 13 min in the water. Simply magic over the 2 laps.

Dragged the logs back up the stairs, down to DB before once again battling the various stairs. Notably from Ocean Rd, then later Rushcutters and finally the Domain. I hate stairs after swimming and today was no different.

Got back clocking 11km. Good elevation too.

Reflecting on this week. I’m OK missing Tues and Thurs. In my defensive, enjoyment comes first and with a double commute each day, the K’s are nicely ticking over.

Swim tomorrow perhaps…

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