Unlike last week I actually went into the water. When the temp is 36 degrees and the humidity is high, life can’t get any better. 

Met Smolly, Champ, Gary, Lambert, Jerome, Liam, Taffy and a few others and set off for what is a tough 5k outbound leg to Redleaf.

So so hot made more so by Loftus Ave which after yesterday’s set felt harder. Finally made it to the pool and spent a good 5 min cooling down and splashing. After much deliberation I decided to head back to work. Jumped out and joined the lads in a beach side photoshoot. 

Interestingly Champ employed the help of a topless female (uni student?) to take the group shot. No surprise to see such happy faces and some flexing by an unarmed individual.

With much regret we departed.

5k back to the CBD dreading every Hill and stair along the way.

11k all up. The perfect Friday lunch.

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