Redleaf Again

Redleaf Again

Yesterday I went to Redleaf – forgot to update the blog. Today, the same.

There’s really nowhere else to go if you want to swim but have little desire to battle 15 men in a single lane at ABC. Headed out quite early with Renee, #2 Brannagan (Mark) and some other guy. Given we were some 10 min ahead of Smolly and Co, we did the long way. This sees us skip the hated Loftus climb and circle round the back of Darling Point.

Notched up 7km before dipping into choppy waters. 1 perimeter loop taking 5 min, before crawling my way out. Champ had to drop by Paddington, so I joined him figuring a few extra Ks would not hurt.

It did hurt, because we discovered that heading north from Double Bay to Bondi Junction is a nasty incline. Tough’ed it out just as the temp started falling which made the downhill stretch along Oxford St surprisingly benign.

15km all up. Lots and lots of hills. I’m as knackered as I would be in the midst of marathon training.

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