Redleaf Dip

Redleaf Dip

Little wobbly from yesterday and the right thing to do was a recovery swim. However, a team mutiny on the 1K TT at ABC saw me embrace herd mentality and bolt for the hills, literally.

Very easy jog towards Redleaf with Brendan. Direct route down William St prompted by complaints re archilles pain, then later extra holiday kgs. On point 1, I suggested avoid hills/speedwork, and on point 2 my advice was cut out white rice for dinner. I should charge for this valuable coaching. Picked up Liam and a few IAG colleagues near the pool.

Storms rapidly approaching from the North so it was just 1 quick loop. Back through Potts Point where the heavens opened up. Frightening change in conditions saw me cross Macquarie Street in terror. Big relief getting back alive, albeit soaked.

10km in total.

Big day of very easy pace. 20km with a double commute. Feet are pretty keen for a light week next week. I’ll oblige but still intend to do a Long Run this weekend.



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