Redleaf Dip

Redleaf Dip

Must be 9 months since our last Redleaf pool visit. Inspired by soaring temps and catalysed by a classic Conway blast email, we had a great little turnout. Out to enjoy the hills – dip – hill set included Conway, Tom, Tym, Charlie, Lambert, Nathan and JW.

7km via the long-rout at the insistence of Conway. Legs actually felt fine but it is never easy with the hills around work working the hills once you pass Rushcutters.

A quick 5 min dip doing freestyle around the pool perimeter before taking the short 4.5km route back to the CBD. Seems just Charlie, Tym, Nathan, Bruce and I had the discipline to return at an acceptable hour. Slowing us down was the rule, if temp > 35, walking the stairs is OK.

12km all up.

During the swim, Conway laid down a 1km swim challenge at A.B.C. on Friday. Completely unfair battle of a 16 min swimmer vs 19 min dog paddler. It must be his desperation to bank just 1 race for 2015.

Looking forward to HuRTS awards night tomorrow.

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