Redleaf ex-Swim

Redleaf ex-Swim

If the gauge exceeds 30, then that calls for water. Pondered ABC but felt some guilt over the lack of quality running I have been doing. Joined the Smolly initiative – Redleaf return. Our train included Charlie, Champ, Liam and further back Taffy and Quentin. To my demise, the 12:20pm kick off left me with 70 min for my next meeting (in a suit).

So the lunch was basically run to Redleaf up a crapload of hills in 33 degrees, say my goodbyes at the entrance and ambled back. Often a jump in that pool is the reward for such a nasty undulating run. If you remove the reward, you are left with a hilly base run.

Got to 12km in 62 min, which when you add in the stairs is OK. Made my 1:30pm and even had stopped sweating by stage stage. Perfect!

Feeling slightly better today. Hopefully the antibiotics will help.


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