Redleaf Heatwave

Redleaf Heatwave

Heatwave -> Redleaf.

A cheeky 3k warm-up around FC before joining Charlie and two of his warriors friends, PJ and Zoe. I was already drenched at 3k and even moreso as we headed the direct way up Loftus. Always a funny dynamic with Warriors, whereby they see a chin-up bar and can’t help themselves.

Anyway, I pushed the pace up Loftus which was enough anaerobic training for me to last a month. Clocked 7k and descended into the wildly popular Redleaf Pool. A lap around took 5 min and was just the refresher required.

Luke from Telstra joined me on the way back – had to drop the other 3 as it was obvious Zoe was in a world of pain (due to the stairs). Poor girl was seen basically crawling up the stairs from Ocean Parade and had the hands on the hips. Meanwhile, I took a little detour out to Rushcutters Headland that saw me get another 6.5k on the return leg.

14k in 80 min. Great run, bloody hot.

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