Redleaf with Sam

Redleaf with Sam

Good news – the achilles feels noticeably better. The Wednesday swim did the trick (I think). One day’s rest for a pair of legs that are never on holiday makes a world of difference.

My lunch plans quickly formed once Sam Johnson called me out for a ‘catch up‘. The man is a gold mine for dad information and is happy to pass on his infinite wisdom. How can I say no to some newborn handling teach-in bolted to a run-dip-run session to Redleaf?

Took the shortish way, saw JFen warming up for the 8x800m intervals to which I politely declined.

Unlike Monday, the pace was an easy 5:15s. In a fairly empty Redleaf, I knocked out one perimeter lap (5 min) before making the return trip. Crisp water temps but nothing I can’t handle.

7km out, 5km back making 12km all up.

Bike wheel is flat so I’m stuck commuting on foot. Thus 23km for the day. Whoops.

Still relishing the off-season. ABC swim tomorrow and of course, a Centennial brunch combo is Sunday’s plan.

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