Rest Day

Rest Day

Stuck in a mental and physical soft spot right now and so the only remedy is just having fun. With that in mind, let’s call today an active rest day: no double run, easy pace, 15km and lots of banter. At a 14k pd run-rate, I’d say I can rely on my regeneration capabilities.

Lunch – linked up with Yum Cha, up around MMC getting to 3km before a U-turn near ABC as we intersected with a mid-sized HuRTS contingent. Good to see YC sneakily bank a 21.1km out at SMC on Sunday (he told no one!). Felt rubbish to start, but the banter with Eoin, Brendan and Tommy H helped alleviate my struggles.

Had the crew drafting off my lead down to Barangaroo as I battled a nasty westerly headwind. Some even complained I make a very bad wind break (I don’t disagree). Hit 10.5km at the Barangaroo turn, before tracing back to CQ and departing near Maccas. By then, legs were loose, moral was high. Sad to hear Tommy has pulled out of Launceston.

14km at 4:45s. 

Undecided if I’ll do Tues / Thursday speed-work this week. Conway will be running these sets for the last time.

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