Resting Up

Resting Up

I’ve been sick now 6 days – though not the conventional type that Trinity brings home from daycare. I’m easing back on the Ks and certainly avoiding speed-work for a while yet.

Wednesday – Wharves

Just Renee and I for the usual course to Barangaroo. We started with 10, but a Worswick-led group disappeared down towards CP. Conditions were pretty hot, which made things interesting when Kanser joined at OH. The key here is to avoid his sweat beads as he tends to wildly lumbers forward. At the wharves (5k), I felt a little weak in the stomach not to mention very thirsty. Didn’t say much out to Barangaroo and figured ‘hey at least my legs are feeling great‘. Hit the white wall, turned and I think that’s where Elle and Jac joined in to get us back to CQ.

12k in 60 min. On paper this should be super easy…

Thursday – Rest

A day off work after a fairly frustrating evening at RPA – not in my best interests to do much aside from taking Molly out for a 30 min walk. It is quite funny waking up and walking around without a limp. As a runner, we are so used to be knackered! I could get used to it.

Beer Mile tomorrow at Rushcutters. I won’t be participating.

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