Reverse Taper

Reverse Taper


Got home, slept on the couch and woke to find a restless dog with that look. Took Molly for a jog over to Stanmore. Given I had failed to cool down after C2S, this was my delayed attempt. The legs actually responded nicely. 6km to get the day’s mileage >20km.


A very tender pair of quads. The rest of my feels fine, dare I say craving more Ks! At least the quads show I pushed sufficiently hard on the downhills yesterday.

Got back into 20 min strength workout where I stayed well away from the legs. Push-up variations, KB swings and floor-work.  Jumped on the bike with a view to containing myself to a single run today.

Lunch – ran around MMC before adjoining the HuRTS team near the Gallery. A 180 turn followed by a nice and easy cruise out to Barangaroo. As per every Monday, Worswick was told off for pushing the pace. A good recap from Elle and Renee post their fine efforts on Sunday. Soreness was persistent the whole run.

14km at 4:50s.


DOMS, without a doubt. Certainly a free pass to do whatever I want for 2-3 weeks. That meant a good 20 min strength (back to back) with the re-introduction of burpees. I sense a level of improvement in my technique.

Lunch – cracking weather. First 6km was with Champ and Jamie back and forth around Farm Cove. It turns out Jamie’s brother is competing tonight in the Kayaking – going for gold. Crossed paths several times with the few in HuRTS that did not race on Sunday. The set was 4×10 min. Moving on, I found a new ‘recovery’ group led by Enda and Tom up near Art Gallery. Another out and back to Farm Cove saw me post a solid 14km at 4:50s.

Next few days will be the same. Low intensity, lots of junk.

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