Reverse Taper

Reverse Taper

You always need to respect the distance, even if the legs feel alright. Glad I’ve pulled through just fine after 3 marathons this year. If I were to keep training, that’s when injury risk rises. Low miles, low intensity.

Monday – a chance to stretch out the legs and enjoy my last day in Melbourne before a day of meetings. 9km down the river towards Port Melbourne. Hooked back the industrial area and back to the Apartment. Doubt I could have covered any further.

Tuesday – some panic amongst HuRTS with the calendar being blank. It’s impossible to comprehend for some that simply need a session to do. Chairman saved the day with a 7 to 1 fartlek off a 60s rest starting at CQ. I jogged down, lumped onto the back with Steve Perry, Birchy and J’OC. Watched with amusement as the guys ahead circled the wharves on this very strange set. Cracking weather but sore legs.

12km all up, a little longer than expected.





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