Reverse Taper

Reverse Taper

7th time I’ve googled ‘what to do after a marathon‘. The spectrum is ‘nothing for 4 weeks’ to ‘get back (slowly) on the horse’. I choose horse.

Monday – Bay Run

Out for an easy (and super early) jog with Neil, just 20 hours after Canberra. Short racing flats (Saucony Type A6) for the full equals foot niggles in the aftermath. Aside from that, muscles a little worn and hip tight. Nothing bad (yet).

NP was keen to get the run-down before he’s off to Boston. Those 6x4km and 8x3km solo intervals at 3:30s surely will pay dividends for the Scottish warrior.

9km all up at 5:30s. 

Ducked out at lunch briefly, more for a stroll where I saw Renee recovering from her own 110km race in Bathurst. She was on a saddle.

Tuesday – Farm Cove

Conway’s hammy once again falls victim to 400s yet seemed stubbornly determined to hobble around Farm Cove with Charlie and I. Legs still 4/10. Energy is fine but still lingering foot niggles, no red flags.

HuRTS team was well into the 4x10s as we started. I think I spotted a few of the Canberra folk already back to business (Timmy, Brendan). Guest appearances also from Tom and Barts before they head to London for the full in 12 days.

Out to CQ then back through the Domain getting me to 10km all up.


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