Rose Bay with Hills

Rose Bay with Hills

A closed group invite from Smolly to Redleaf vs. 2km Hickson reps with HuRTS. I figured 3:20s on concrete did not feel sensible after late last week (Doctors orders).

Convinced myself a few hills would OK. Started at the Pillars behind the Smolly-led group that also had 2 Charlies and Jono.

No idea what inspired me to take on Smolly up Loftus but I gave it a shot…. and failed by some 10m. How can an 80kg individual leave me for dead up a 300m, 15 degree incline? I figure its his VO2 max and oxygen-depleted training style.

Kicked on to Redleaf by which time my interest in sand and water had eroded. Ventured forth all the to Rose Bay Ferry Wharf where time became precious.

I maintained good intensity on the return, helped by pushing some nasty hills in Darlinghurst and later, Potts Point.

Final add-on was around Botanic Gardens. Lorie, Trinity and their friends were floating around but sadly I could not spot them (she spotted me).

16km at 4:48s. A very useful MLR given the hills.

Hope everyone has a great Easter break. My default plan will be Bay Runs with maybe CP on Sunday.

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