Round Up

Round Up

Round Up

After 3 weeks of 120ks with 1 speed set pw, I can conclude my legs are not adapting well. My hamstring is tight and I’m getting a ‘locking’ knee which causes irregular sharp pains at the front and back. This week I backed off the Ks and cut out any speed work.

Monday – 62 min, nice and easy 13k around Pyrmont with Sam. Legs felt completely shot after Sunday’s 30k long run. Added a double run commute on top of that.

Tuesday – knee lock issues. Couldn’t bring myself to do HuRTS as a result of this. The weather was brutal and so it made sense to run to Redleaf on my own. Got the HR up on the hills over Darling Point and jumped into the water only briefly. A run back via DB got me to 11k.

Wednesday – 30 min cross-training. Pure body weight, lots of core work. Trying to stay off the legs (knee is still sore). Headed out at lunch with Biggsy for an out and back to Garden Island. He had similar complaints about disability and so the pace was easy. 12k all up.

Thursday – 1.5k at ABC. There was only 1 lane available due to a kids carnival. Luckily I got a few segments of a clean run before the crowds descended into my lane.

Friday – once again, linked up with Sam. Ran out to Cremorne pool and back. Another good chance to build hills into my legs. No issues with knee lock today.

Saturday – brought forward my long run to today (massage with Kevin in the afternoon). I always find it ill advised to complete a LR after a massage. The run itself seemed to take a long time. Essentially I ran south to Cooks River, explored properties in Earlwood, visited the Airport then went back home via Newtown. Knee gave me problems for 0-2k, then it came good for the remaining 28k.

31k in 2:25.

Tried a new place for brunch at Parramatta. The Groundskeeper Cafe. 3/5. Here is the Tagine ($19) and Hummus Plate ($21). The later was a rip off.

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